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How I Incorporate my Faith into my Small Business

Updated: Mar 31

As a proud, yet, until this year, inconsistent, Christian navigating my own faith, I felt compelled to write about this topic. My faith is an integral part of my business, especially when making decisions, so I thought that maybe it would inspire you to consider how your own personal faith journey is incorporated into your own business. Whether or not it is something you have contemplated, something you rigorously practice, or have never even thought of, I appreciate you taking the time to read about this topic to view from your own perspective.

As wood flower artists and handmade business owners, our journey is full of creativity, challenges, and many opportunities to act on faith over fact. I find that instead of relying on only my guesses and hopes, or even on strategic numbers, it helps to dive deeper into prayer, scripture, and community. I am a huge advocate of embracing both the artistry of our craft and the guiding principles of my Christian faith and trying to integrate them seamlessly in my business endeavors -- both financially and strategically. Now this doesn't always happen. I'm not perfect. These things aren't everyday all-day things. These are different ways that I have integrated my faith into my business over the past 6 years - some more than others in intensity and frequency. I am always learning and I'd love to hear from you too!

Prayerful Decision-Making:

In the whirlwind of big business decisions, prayer serves as my anchor. This is one that I do most frequently with the bigger decisions, not every decision. Before embarking on any significant endeavor, I pause to seek guidance, analyze my motivations, ask about my alignment, and trust that God's wisdom will illuminate the path forward. This practice of prayerful decision-making not only brings clarity but also infuses my work with a sense of purpose and peace.

When analyzing a decision to accept a grant to open an external commercial location for my business, I prayed for a sign from God and got it in a big way within two days! It was the first time I had ever done that, and it was like getting hit with a 2x4. So I moved forward with a mixture of fear, excitement and confidence. And I know that I need to continue to make decisions this way to stay aligned with my own personal values and on my own journey as an individual, mother, wife, and small business owner. I'd love to hear your own stories about prayer in your business decisions.

Treating Clients as Neighbors:

I believe in the idea of treating others the way you want to be treated. Inspired by the timeless wisdom of "loving your neighbor as yourself," and that the greatest of all our attributes as humans is love, I aim to extend kindness and respect to each client, treating them not merely as customers but as cherished members of my community. This one I do the most frequently, and the most intensely. I strive to have my customer service guided by the Holy Spirit whenever possible. Whether crafting custom arrangements or addressing concerns, I strive to embody the values of empathy and understanding in every interaction - hopefully showing that I am a Christian without ever having to label myself as one openly.

An emerald background and text over top of a sunshine texture with a wood flower ornate cross for Good Friday well wishes
I don't always post content about my Christian Faith, but I do enjoy creating graphics for special holidays or sharing stories if I am moved to do so. Here is a Canva image of one of my products from my website. When I posted it, I added a link to buy crosses.

Finding Strength in Faith:

As a business owner, you know that we encounter myriad challenges – financial uncertainties, creative blocks, and logistical hurdles. Yet, it is in these moments of trial that your faith shines brightest. Grounded in the belief that with God, all things are possible, I use my faith, strength and resilience to overcome obstacles with grace and determination. I know that every obstacle is a test and will teach a lesson on the other side - no matter the outcome. Often times, I learn the most from failure.

Embracing Gratitude:

In the midst of deadlines and to-do lists, it's essential to pause and cultivate gratitude for the blessings that surround us. From the joy of creating to the support of loyal clients, I am reminded of God's abundant grace in what I do for whom I do it. No matter the size of the sale or opportunity, I am grateful and thankful for every blessing that comes to my business, knowing it wasn't a coincidence. I've recently started reading my Bible daily - and have found that it helps me be thankful for each day. It has also helped me to create positive habits that I chat about in my time-management blog post. Who would have thought?

Collaborations with Faith-Based Organizations

I have recently collaborated with my childhood church to help them raise funds for their CCD students to attend a conference. We hosted a wood flower workshop (where we created crosses at the Easter Season) and a portion of the ticket price went back to the kids. It was very rewarding, and I look forward to doing more things like this.

When I posted about it, I added the scripture 1 Peter 4:10

"Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms."

That is exactly what I hope to do as a wood flower artist, and as a coach, strategist and overall business mentor for my clients and the wood flower floristry community as a whole. If I have gifts to share, knowledge to share, and people to help - I will keep doing it, so that others are inspired to share their gifts with the world as well. In turn, we all lift one another and serve others well on this side of Heaven.

Join the Conversation: How does faith shape your business journey as a wood flower artist or handmade business owner? I'd love if you would share your insights and experiences in the comments below!

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This is so good. Thanks for sharing!

I see my business as God’s business that I’m stewarding. Success is obedience with it. That doesn’t always meet other people’s definition of success but that’s ok. It doesn’t always look like producing the numbers that others will tell you are success. Sometimes that does happen though. I hold it all with open hands for him to lead me in or for him to take away if it’s time to move into something else.

I also want to care for my customers the way I’d want to be cared for. Sometimes that seems like it’s lost through a computer screen but some of the feedback and reviews I’ve gotten seems like it gets…

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