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A 2-sided postcard template to create thank you & care cards for your clients to go in each order.


When you purchase this download - you will get a link to an editable Canva template that can be used with a free account on their website or with their mobile app. 


The Wood Flower Care Tips Canva Template is designed to be printed for clients and customers buying your wood flower creations. This template measures 5.5 inches by 4.5 inches, which is a standard postcard size when printing with Canva. The care tips are already typed out for you and arranged in a pleasing composition around a bouquet graphic that can be interchanged with a photo of one of your creations, your logo or another floral graphic you love from Canva.


Let me help you save time and research behind the care tips I have been providing my customers with for years. 

Thank you and Care Card Canva Template (Postcard)

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