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Systems that Transformed my Handmade Business

Updated: Mar 26

In the ever-evolving landscape of entrepreneurship, implementing effective systems can be the difference between stagnation and success. As the owner of a thriving handmade business, I've experienced firsthand the transformative power of strategic systems. In this blog, I'll share with you the game-changing systems that have propelled my business to new heights, revolutionizing everything from making to managing. 

Inventory Management:

I believe efficient inventory management is the cornerstone of any successful handmade business. I say this with confidence because when I do a great job with this system, I feel more relaxed, informed and honestly, more like a boss. But when I skip over adding a shipment to my inventory, I just end up feeling disorganized, distracted and behind.  By implementing a simple inventory management system, I've been able to track raw materials, monitor stock levels, and anticipate production needs with precision. This has minimized waste, reduced costs, and ensured that I always have the necessary supplies on hand to fulfill orders promptly. It even helped me have LESS on hand, which means more money to build the business, and less sitting on my shelves. 

Customer Relations Management (CRM):

Building strong relationships with customers is essential for long-term success. When I started to grow quickly, I didn’t have the systems to keep up, and I lost a lot of business very quickly. With a dedicated CRM system in place, I've been able to centralize customer data, track interactions, and personalize communication effectively. It helps me track conversations, payments, proposals and more. My personal CRM is Honeybook, though there are other platforms. If you are interested in HB, please use my referral code by clicking here to get 25% off.

Manufacturing Management:

Streamlining the manufacturing process is crucial for maximizing productivity and maintaining product quality. By implementing manufacturing management systems, I've been able to optimize workflows, standardize production processes, and identify areas for improvement. This has resulted in increased efficiency, faster turnaround times, and consistently high-quality products. My manufacturing management is still a simple process of moving post it notes across the wall under their respective titles: TO DO, IN PROGRESS, READY FOR PICKUP/READY TO SHIP. When it is done, it gets removed from the wall and feels so good! This is a simple process that can also be implemented in a digital system, within your website or fulfillment spreadsheet, or management system like Trello, Asana or Monday. 

Bookkeeping Integrations:

Managing finances is a fundamental aspect of running a business, but it can be time-consuming and complex. It honestly can make me feel like I am going to break into hives most days, BUT Integrating bookkeeping software with other business systems has been a game-changer for me. My Paper and Spark spreadsheets talk to my Shopify analytics and it transfers a lot of numbers for me at the click of a button. It has allowed me to  track expenses and so much more. This has not only saved me valuable time but also provided valuable insights into the financial health of my business, which helps me make decisions when planning strategically to achieve my goals. 

Analytics and Tracking:

Data-driven decision-making is essential for driving growth and profitability. IIt starts with bookkeeping, but goes all the way into marketing. By leveraging analytics and tracking systems, I've been able to monitor key performance metrics, identify trends, and make informed business decisions during designated admin time blocks. Whether it's tracking website traffic, monitoring sales trends, or analyzing customer behavior on social media, these systems have provided invaluable insights that have guided my business strategy.

Organization Systems

Maintaining a high level of organization is essential for efficiency and productivity. Implementing organization systems, both physical and digital, has been instrumental in keeping my business running smoothly. From decluttering workspaces to establishing standardized filing systems both in person and online in my Google Drive, I've used organizational systems have helped me stay focused, minimize distractions, and maximize productivity. As a creative tornado - it is not natural for me to have a clean, tidy and neat space. However, I do thrive in those type of spaces, so I needed to find a way to have the best of both worlds. (Please say I'm not alone!?)

By analyzing my organizational type with the Clutterbug Quiz - everything started to make more sense! (Check out the Clutterbug quiz here: Take the Quiz - What Clutterbug are you? - Clutterbug) As a proud butterfly, I needed to be able to SEE everything I use on a daily basis, but I needed it to be easy to put away, so it wasn’t cluttering up my space or distracting me from my next task. I think you will find this quiz and the resources on this page extremely helpful if you haven’t taken the time to find systems that work best for your creative space. 

a chart of colors that goes with a wood flower design listed in the image
A visual example I started to implement for my manufacturing process. I use my color chart and product photos for easy reference when recreating designs

This doesn't just apply to the organization of physical items, but also of the visual representation I use in my files and manufacturing process. Here is a Canva image I created with my color chart for established color palettes and color stories for specific products for easy reference.

In today's fast-paced business environment, implementing effective systems is essential for success, even if you are a company of one! (Lets be honest, ESPECIALLY if you are a company of one!) From inventory management to customer relations, manufacturing, bookkeeping, analytics, and organization, each system plays a vital role in driving growth and profitability. By embracing these systems and harnessing their power, I've been able to transform my handmade business and take it to new heights. If you're looking to elevate your business, consider implementing these game-changing systems and watch your business thrive. 

If you’re interested in a personalized approach to creating your own systems, I’d be happy to set up a 1:1 coaching call with you to create a plan for establishing, implementing and utilizing systems with accountability. I would have loved to have a person to bounce ideas off of when I was developing my systems to scale my business, so I am offering what I wish was out there years ago!

No matter where you are in your journey - what systems have you found the most confusing/frustrating or annoying? Which have you loved implementing? Lets chat in the comments!

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