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Color Theory to Elevate your Wood Flower Artistry

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Are you ready to take your wood flower artistry to new heights? Imagine creating breathtaking floral arrangements that not only capture attention but also save you time, money and frustration when fulfilling custom orders. Welcome to "Color Theory to Elevate Your Wood Flower Artistry," a transformative program designed to unleash your creativity and elevate your craft to the level of true artistry. Not only will we dive deep into the science of color theory and mixing color, but we will be implementing what we learn directly to our wood flowers. Are you as excited as me to use up your paint stash!? From application techniques to designing color schemes for your arrangements that wow your clients time and time again, this course will teach practical techniques and tips as well as provide insights to systems that can keep your business streamlined when it comes to color. In this 6 module course, we will cover: The Basics of Color Theory Mixing Colors with Confidence Translating Paint Mixing to Wood Flower Dyeing Implementing Color in your Wood Flower Arrangements Development of Color Charts and Unique Color Schemes Adapting Color to Seasonal Themes By the end of this course, you will have the skills and knowledge to infuse your wood flower arrangements with captivating colors, turning them into expressive (and more expensive) masterpieces that showcase your artistic prowess.

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